The trip duration is 1 hour

Nida – The Great Dune – Nida

Lovers of romance will undoubtedly appreciate an evening sailing trip on a yacht in Nida. A boat ride along the Big Dune in the rays of the setting sun is truly something memorable and extraordinary. This walk is readily chosen by both couples in love and those who simply want to give a pleasant gift to their loved ones.

The sunset in Nida captivates with its radiant beauty, and the Great Dune shines and enchants when you approach it on a yacht. In a light sea wind in good weather, the sails flap rhythmically and, combined with the splashing of the waves, create a meditative atmosphere, refreshing thoughts, harmonizing and calming. So travelers, after a walk, return to the port completely rested and fresh.

Big Dune is located near the border of Kaliningrad and the border line can be seen from a yacht. Border posts are easily visible on the dune, and yellow floats can be found in the water, marking the neutral border zone.

The Great Dune is like a miracle of Lithuanian nature, which you will not find anywhere else in Lithuania and the Baltic countries. Only in France can you see something like it – Dune du Pilat, the tallest sand dune in Europe in the Aquitaine region of France. The highest point above sea level is 110.9 m.

The Big Dune near Nida surprises with its grandeur and attracts tourists from all over the world. In the past, the height of this Great Dune reached 70 meters, but over time it has become smaller and now its height is only about 50 meters. Due to the large flow of tourists, going down and up the slopes of this dune was prohibited. Therefore, the only opportunity to see all the greatness of Dune is to sail to it on a yacht. The Great Dune of the Curonian Lagoon is impressive at any time of the day, but in the evening, when the sun disappears behind this dune, it appears especially mesmerizing and leaves an indelible impression on those vacationing on a yacht.

This yacht ride in the rays of the setting sun is sure to please everyone.
Up to 12 people can fit on board at the same time, so you can have a great time either alone or with a group of cheerful friends, riding a yacht along the Curonian Lagoon and enjoying the views.

Price for the whole ship is 150 euros.


When traveling, do not forget to take identification documents with you. Border officials may come to check passengers on boats.

During the voyage, each passenger is treated to exotic Indian delicacies hand-prepared by the monks. We will do a short meditation with Tibetan singing bowls on the Great Dune (Glider Dune).

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