The National Park of the Curonian spit

This is the little paradise in Lithuania. Linguists suppose that the name of Nida is derived from the Sanskrit word “nedati” and this means  ”to flow“.

The breathtaking and unique, by far the highest moving sand dunes in Europe, the rage of the Baltic Sea in the West, the Curonian Lagoon in the East, where the sun goes up each morning, and other natural miracles of the Curonian spit are very close to each other and make an ideal entity.

The Curonian Spit is a wonderful place not only for nature lovers, but also as a recognized and best-loved seaside resort in Neringa.

Since 2000, the Curonian Spit has been on UNESCO‘s World Heritage List.

It’s a paradise, where you want to come back to.

The regional park of the delta of the river Neman

You may reach the most remote corners, bays of the Delta of the river Neman, shallow rivers and the King Wilhelm Canal with the motor yacht ‘Lillan’ because of its low draught. All these places are special in their uniqueness and have fascinating story the captain tells you.