The trip duration is 3 days

The recreational trip along the river Nemunas from Nida to Kaunas

A perfect weekend boat trip down the father of Lithuanian rivers – Nemunas. Three days of a good mood, fresh air, and memorable impressions while travelling by boat!

After leaving the sunny town of Nida, we will sail three days down the river of Nemunas to Kaunas. You will able to bridle the wind, to feel the power of the river.

When sailing by boat, you will take a look at the Curonian Bay and admire the stunning Curonian Spit. You will have a chance to enjoy panorama of the Nemunas Delta Regional Park, Little Venice of Lithuania – Rusnė Islands in the wild Nemunas delta, views, and the spectacular architectural monument the bridge to Karaliaucius, or, Kaliningrad.

We invite everyone to see the castles of Panemunė anew! Sailing by the ancient motor yacht “Lillan”, you will enjoy the landscape of Nemunas bends and virgin fauna and flora of the river.

Rambynas Hill famous for legends and stories

Sailing by a wooden roofed boat – a perfect trip for nature lovers and those avoiding a tiring hiking. The river discloses truly amazing sceneries and excellent views of mounds of Ringovė and Seredžius, Belvederis Manor, Veliuona church, castles of Raudonė and Panemunė. You will admire the White Angel of Veliuona settlement. Magnificent ensemble of the Raudondvaris Church, and the Church of St. John the Baptist in Zapyskis, curtained with legends.

On the boat, you can enjoy the company, snacks, re-discover landscapes, that are impossible to see from the shore. You can sail without fear of getting wet even on a rainy day. Accommodation on piers of the river Nemunas in travellers’ tents.

The ship price is 749 EUR.
The trip price is per person 180 EUR.

During the voyage, each passenger shall be served exotic Indian delicacies made by monks. We will perform a short meditation using Tibetan singing bowls on the river Nemunas.