Nida – The Great Dune – Nida

Travel time 1 hour

The journey to the Great Dune is one of the best and most popular trips we offer.

It’s a short but unforgettable journey.

The captain will introduce you to the safety requirements on board, the route we will sail, as well as historical facts and other things you need to pay attention to.

The captain will perform an ancient ritual, blowing into a conch shell, thus announcing the beginning of the trip. The sound of the conch shell is heard throughout the port and far beyond, attracting the attention of many people because of its unusual sound. After this ritual, our exciting journey to the magnificent Great Dune begins. You will sail on a classic red wooden ship, steered by an experienced captain who can tell you a lot. What could be better and more interesting?!

Wonders and adventures begin.

We slowly depart from the port of Nida into the Curonian Spit, which is usually calm, and even those who are afraid of water or seasickness will not feel much discomfort. The ship is reliable and safe, all passengers can feel protected and calm. Young participants are warmly welcomed on board and under the supervision of parents can feel safe and comfortable on the wooden ship.

Through the gates of the Nida port, a magnificent view of the panorama of the town of Nida opens up. Nida, a city immersed in greenery, seems particularly lively as it is surrounded by pine trees that emit a pleasant aroma in the summer.

We are heading towards the Parnidžio Dune, one of the highest dunes in Nida. We pass by the Valley of Silence, where on the shore, overlooking the Curonian Spit, sits the throne of Neringa, the queen of giants.

(On the shore, everyone can sit on it and enjoy the view of the dune and the Curonian Spit.) At the top of the Parnidžio Dune, the sun circle is visible, which can also be seen from the shore; even from the water, it is visible in all its magnificent beauty.

The journey continues and is never boring because soon on the horizon, we see the prominent horn of Grobštas. However, we cannot sail to it because Grobštas is already in Russian territory. But its coastline is clearly visible and distinguishable. Passengers do not need to worry about border guards; all permissions for sailing to the EU border are in place. We will be right at the border of the Russian Federation, so you will be able to see its mark on the yellow border posts indicating the neutral border zone. It is important not to forget an identity document in case it needs to be presented to border guards.

And finally, after a short sail, a breathtaking view unfolds before your eyes.

The Didžioji Kopa reveals itself in all its beauty and grandeur. It is impossible to describe this incredible and amazing beauty, it must be seen. Didžioji Kopa is located within the territory of the Grobštas nature reserve, where the white-tailed eagle, listed in the Red Book of Lithuania, lives. Perhaps luck will smile upon you, and you will be able to see one of the rarest birds during this journey, whose wingspan can reach up to 2.5 meters! As we approach Didžioji Kopa, it becomes larger the closer we get to it. Approaching the very edge of the kopa (which large vessels cannot do due to their large draft), we stop and enjoy the tranquility of this corner of unusual beauty and serenity. The captain takes advantage of the favorable conditions to conduct a 15-minute meditation session with singing Tibetan bowls. After reaching a relaxed state of mind and body through meditation, people often feel a connection with the water and nature surrounding them, they relax and unwind so much that sometimes they don’t even want to leave the ship. It was so pleasant that the passengers booked the same evening trip again due to the repeat meditation experience. After the meditation session is over, we return to port within 20 minutes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to admire the beauty of Nida from the water, meditate while resting peacefully on the waves under the sounds of Tibetan bowls, try Tibetan vegetarian sweets, and simply have an interesting and enriching time. We invite you to embark on a journey on a classic red wooden vessel imbued with the spirit of India and Tibet.

The whole ship price is 120 EUR.

When traveling, do not forget to carry identification documents with you. Officials on duty at the border may come to check on boat travelers.

During the voyage, each passenger shall be served exotic Indian delicacies made by monks. We will perform a short meditation using Tibetan singing bowls alongside the Great Dune (Gliders’ Dune). 

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