The trip duration is 6 hours

Nida – Mingė village – Nida

Let’s go on a magical sea voyage on a yacht to the village of Minge! This excursion is ideal for those who dream of spending an unforgettable day sailing on a yacht, or maybe even want to master the art of sailing a vessel. During this trip you will certainly feel like a real sailor. You will be able to control a sailboat whose sails are filled with fresh sea wind. What could be more delightful than the sound of the wind in the sails and the sound of waves splashing against the sides of the yacht?

The best time to go to sea is in the morning before 10 o’clock. We will leave the port of Nida and will be able to observe the diversity of birds on the Curonian Spit and the Nemuno Delta. Birds are most active in the morning, so we will certainly be able to see their rare species.

When leaving the port, you will see a stunning view of the city of Nida. The coast of the resort town is strewn with houses among pine trees. And, of course, on the coast you can highlight Parniggio and the Great Dunes.

This journey will take approximately 2.5 hours. We will go to the Neman Delta and enjoy the beautiful weather on a yacht. If you wish, you can even take the helm and feel how, under your control, the yacht overcomes the waves of the Curonian Maras.

The next attraction that we will meet on our way will be Cape Vente – this is one of the largest bird ringing stations in Europe. Here the birds are caught with special nets and banded. The Vente Lighthouse is a majestic structure that in the past has repeatedly helped sailors and fishermen, warning about hidden dangers on the Curonian Spit and helping them navigate on dark nights.

Look towards Klaipeda! You are presented with a landscape of Pilkuy Cops, also known as Dead Cops. The yellow line of sandy beach stretches along the shore like a golden cord. Ahead is the largest tributary channel of the Nemuna Delta – the Atmata River. Now our gaze is directed to the shores. Here, among the tall grass and soft sand, a variety of birds nest and gather in flocks. If we are lucky, we may even see the majestic sea eagles soaring in the sky like living symbols of freedom. And on the left bank of the Nemun there is a colony of cormorants, their silhouettes contrast with the bright sky. Our path leads against the current, and we lower the sails, turning on the yacht’s engine. The speed of the Nemun current is about 7 kilometers per hour, and we have to overcome its resistance in order to reach Uostadvaris. From here you can already see the lighthouse on Rusne Island.

Uostadvaris is an ancient and cozy town. In the last century, there was a mill here, and life was in full swing. Climbing the lighthouse tower, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Neman River delta.

On our yacht we are heading to the Miniya River. On weekends, when tourists travel by boat to the village of Minge, boat traffic is especially busy here. The main street of the village of Minge is located along the Minija River, and that is why the village is called the “Little Venice of Lithuania”. After all, it would be impossible to live here without water transport. The village of Minge is popular among tourists not only because of its unique location, but also because of the variety of birds that can be seen here, especially in the spring. Those who find the strength to get up early in the morning to watch the sunrise will understand how special this place is. The morning singing of birds at sunrise will certainly leave an imprint on the heart of every person and fill it with beauty, peace and inner balance.

In the small village of Minge there are guest houses and hotels, so if you wish, you can stay here for a comfortable stay, even for a few days. You can keep yourself entertained by exploring the area on boats or bicycles, which are available for rent.

Minge is a great place where you can escape from everyday worries, problems and the bustle of the city, enjoying clean air and tranquility.

After lunch and exploring the village of Minge, you can take a boat and return back along another section of the river. We sail along the Minija River, the Upaite River, where signs on the river inform us that we have entered the Nemuno Delta Reserve. Here, in shallow water areas, far from land predators, birds nest, and we must slow down so as not to disturb them to live peacefully in their favorite place. You will definitely enjoy this tranquil part of the journey.

We go out to the Curonian Spit and approach Venta, where you can see with the naked eye the scattered nets of the ring fishing stations, designed for catching and ringing migrating birds. The Vente Pier extends far into the Curonian Mari, and here you can often see tourists walking along the pier and enjoying this amazing place.
The Tado Ivanauska Museum is located in Venta. The exhibition in the museum is dedicated to birds living in Lithuania.

Usually returning home is always perceived faster, but we still have a pleasant trip on a sailing yacht, which will last about 2 hours. The yacht will glide over the waves, driven by the breeze, and we will feel the splashes of sea water on our faces.

After returning to the resort town of Nida, we will be accompanied by impressions of the day for a long time, and the memories of the yacht trip to the village of Minge will remain in our memory for a long time. The little crew members will be especially pleased, because they will be able to feel like real captains, standing at the helm of a sailing yacht and controlling it. You will certainly hear the delight in their voices and see the sparkle of joy in their eyes, because what child does not dream of becoming a pirate one day? And we will be glad to see you again and will be able to offer you more than one exciting trip through the Curonian Seas and the Neman River Delta. Best wishes!

The whole ship price is 330 EUR.

During the voyage, each passenger shall be served exotic Indian delicacies made by monks. We will perform a short meditation using Tibetan singing bowls in the lagoon of the river Minija. 

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