The trip duration is 8-10 hours

Nida – Uostadvaris – Mingė village – the river Minija – the river Amata – Rusnė – the river Nemunas – the river Pakalnė – the river Rusnaitė – Nida.

While sailing by yacht, we will visit seamen‘s settlement Uostadvaris, the historical lighthouse of rafters. You will see the water pumping station, built a century ago, visit the ethnographic museum, and climb to the lighthouse of Uostadvaris to admire Kniupo Bay, the confluence of the Nemunas and Minija.

Sailing along the river Minija, we will take a look at the Mingė village called the “Lithuanian Venice,” the monument of architecture, the main street of which is the river and the means of transport is a boat. The only one-street village, with the river serving as a street, though, with no bridge over the river nearby. We will visit Rusnė, one of the oldest settlements in the Nemunas delta and the only town in Lithuania situated on the island. Upon the advance agreement, you will be able to taste in Rusnė the freshly smoked fish of the Curonian Bay. We will sail down the river Atmata to its junction with Nemunas and Lithuania’s state border with the Kaliningrad region. Further, our trip will continue along the rivers Pakalnė and Rusnaitė up to the Curonian Bay.

During this trip, you will be able to enjoy the far and wide landscape of the Curonian Spit, the luxuriant wild flora and diversity of birds of the Nemunas delta.

At the set of sun, we will come back to the Port of Nida.

The ship price is 350 EUR.
The trip price is per person 70 EUR.

During the voyage, each passenger shall be served exotic Indian delicacies made by monks. We will perform a short meditation using Tibetan singing bowls on the river Pakalnė.