The trip duration is 1 hour

When darkness comes and the time of shadows approaches, we will take a yacht trip to the Curonian Lagoon.

We will perform an ancient ritual in order to bless the Curonian Lagoon. A Holy Fire rite will be performed accompanied by solemn songs. Each passenger will be able to release their dreams into the lagoon by placing floating bowls with candles in the water and thinking of a wish which, with the help of the Holy Fire, will surely come true. This ritual will certainly leave you with a lasting impression and make your heart tremble.

This event will take place in the Curonian Lagoon only during good weather!

Price per boat – 135 Eur.
Price per trip for 1 passenger -40 Eur.

During the boat trip, each passenger will be treated with exotic Indian dainties which are made by monks. We will perform a brief meditation with Tibetan singing bowls in the Curonian Lagoon.